Well ALRIGHT!  We are now looking forward to our second leg of summer dates.  We will once again be playing our second home base Kensington Market, Toronto at our monthly residency at the Trinity Commons.

Three more festivals coming up. All great spots.

  1. Once again this year we will be playing BBGFest 2017; Black and Bluegrass Festival in Ottawa (anyone with floor space?  Sleeping on a roof can be bright in the early morning, nevermind the birds).
  2. This years Lucky 13th Omemee Jams will be a kick ass time, only if Ralph is not going to be a dick.
  3. New to us this year we will be at (what we consider our first home) The Prince Edward County Country Jamboree in Cherry Valley, ON. Yee Haw!

The first half of our summer has been kick ass-bad ass fantastic… starting with second consecutive May 24 The Come Together Festival (Mark,you’re the man).  We were the newbs this year at The Preston Springs Jamboree and it sure was a boot kicking, honky stomping time even if the bugs were in our eyes, mouths, ears and beers!  Thanks for the free beers Waterloo Brewery at the Bowmanville Ribs And Brews Festival, it was a finger lick’in good time!  We rode our flag waving hay wagon celebrating our patriotism in Wellington for Canada Day and the crowd was like a river of Red and White, Roll’in in our sweet baby’s arms!

Thank you everyone , so far so good.