Omemee Jams Lucky 13

August 19, 2017 Omemee, ON


Time : 2pm
Venue : Omemee Jams Lucky 13
Address : 121 Grassy Rd

Here we are again folks. Let’s do this. One day and night of families, friends, food and music. Bring your tent, trailer, music and fun. Bring food and anything you need to survive comfortably for a 24 hr festival style party.
This year we will be upholding our tradition of great talent, lights and sound for the show as well as 2 porta potties! There is a modest cover to cover the costs of this production, no personal profits will be made.

The COVER is $20. Pay at the gate.

If you would like to set up a vendor booth or something we will entertain that as well. Your booth space is free but you will still pay a cover. Please book this quickly as we will not double up on goods and services provided by vendors. eg. We will not have two grill cheese people or two people selling baked goods. Visual Artists will be treated differently such as two painters or potters as they have individual talents, styles and tastes and are not competing against each other.

Entertainers will be the following…..

The Photogenics
GT Harris & the Gunslingers
I Dunno
Hairy Holler
Melissa Ann Payne

The campfire jam after is open so bring your instruments. This usually is the highlight of the night!

Open Stage 4-6pm for solo artists.

THIS IS A POOL PARTY AS WELL! Bring your water wings and stuff if needed.

Some volunteers needed! free entry for volunteering.

We ask everyone leave there dogs at home. We and our neighbors have livestock and there will already be resident dogs here off leash. Too many dogs can be a problem with the animals and (mostly) “the neighbors”. Some people have a less wholesome reaction to peoples dogs wondering over including mine.

ALSO! Since this has been happening for sooooo long now let’s play a game! PLEASE….PLEASE! Share you memories, thoughts and describe your impression and flavour description of the previous decade of this gathering.

See ya then.